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Dating on Facebook for free

Facebook, on one of its numerous ventures has made online dating for singles official on its site. You would agree that even without taking this step, Facebook was always more or less the go to social platform most people resorted to for dating purposes.

Facebook simply and easily becomes first choice because of its nature and the features it offers. And if I might add, it costs nothing to enjoy all of those. Access to people from different geographical location is guaranteed and people from different (legal) age groups are readily available.

Even before Facebook took matters into their own hands and made online dating official, one of the site’s more useful features (ability to create groups) enabled users to create groups for the sole purpose of convening singles of a particular age range, with the intent of easing the process of finding a partner.

Dating on Facebook will only get better with the Facebook Dating feature. While dating groups eased dating to some extent, dating will even be easier with Facebook Dating as the service exploits a match-making algorithm which will be used to recommend potential matches based on Facebook activity to users who sign up for the dating feature.

To consider how safe dating may be on Facebook, strides have since been made by Facebook to ensure it’s users are protected from the ones who may have intentions other than the ones Facebook Dating feature was introduced for. However, users still have to be wary and really get to know a person and  also observe security protocols before actually meeting physically.

How Facebook Dating Works

For starters, Facebook Dating is a feature baked into the Facebook site. Its usage requires no additional downloads whatsoever, given you have the Facebook app already. It is available to users who are 18 years and above in selected countries for now.

To opt in to Facebook Dating, you have to set up a new dating profile as the feature is independent of your normal Facebook profile. However, to ease the process, one can select features from their Facebook profile they want to use on their dating profile.

Basic information have to be provided. Such information include username (often pre-populated), gender, height, location, e.t.c. For photos, a maximum of nine is allowed. The option of adding an ice-breaker kind of question to your profile is also available.

Information on people interested in meeting can also be added. While you can choose to be matched with people nearby, people you share the same religion with or with specific attributes, you cannot specify preferred ethnicities.

Once you have your dating profile completely set up, you can then go ahead and explore. Showing interest is achieved by clicking the heart icon or “X” to pass. You can as well like other content on a person’s profile or even answer the ice-breaker question.

There’s also a “Secret Crush” feature within Facebook Dating. Here’s how it works;

  • It is actually a list of people you secretly admire.
  • You can add people you secretly like to this list.
  • If they’ve subscribed to Facebook Dating, they’ll get a notification and will be paired/matched with you.
  • You can then break the ice and eventually make your affection known.

There’s also a “Share Your Plans” feature. Facebook threw this one in as a safety measure. This feature allows you share your plans – for example, a location for a meetup with a stranger – with a select few, which could be family or friends so they know where you’re meeting a stranger.

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