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Facebook Dating App on the App Store – Facebook Dating Free Download | Dating Is Free On Facebook

Nowadays, almost any app can be acquired thanks to the proliferation of app stores – both Android and iOS. However, there are a few myths surrounding this. Certain services are simply features that are sometimes included as part of an app and thus cannot be downloaded separately.

One of these features is the Facebook Dating service. While it is accessible to Facebook users, it is not available as a standalone app in the app stores. However, if you’re a Facebook user, you can access Facebook Dating without having to download any additional apps.

Facebook Dating App On the App Stores

If you search for “Facebook Dating App” in any of the app stores, you’re likely to find only dating apps. As of now, Facebook does not have a dating app.

You must be a registered Facebook user in order to use Facebook’s dating services. After meeting this prerequisite, the next step is to create a dating profile. By the way, this dating profile is separate from your primary Facebook profile. You may, however, incorporate elements from your primary profile into your dating profile.

There are no fees associated with using the Facebook Dating feature. Facebook’s dating service is completely free.

How to Set up a Facebook Dating Profile

  • On the top right (Android) or bottom right (iOS), tap the hamburger menu (three stacked horizontal lines) (iOS).
  • In the left pane, click the “Dating” option.
  • To opt-in, load the app by tapping on it.
  • To create your profile, enter your personal information, including your height, religion, education, degrees, and job title.
  • With your existing account, Facebook will make suggestions or recommendations about what to add to your profile and how to set up pictures, as well as collect some additional information such as your name and age.

You will be matched with another user with whom you are most likely to click. Facebook asserts that it has an entire algorithm dedicated to determining this. Keep your fingers crossed until then.

Facebook Dating Alternatives


Tinder is a well-known dating app with a cult following that continues to grow. Yes, it’s branded as a matchmaking app, but it’s indeed among the biggest hookup apps.

Tinder’s appeal stems from the fact that you may tailor your search to your specific needs. Certain factors, such as gender orientation, height, and geography, can all be customized to your tastes.

When you’re prepared, Tinder will build a search centered on your present location and the location options you’ve selected. Following that, you’ll be presented with suggestions for these other Tinder users, which you can swipe right or left depending on your interest in them. After you’ve liked each other’s profiles, you’ll be able to message each other.

You may buy boosts and premium services to increase your visibility and increase your chances of receiving work tonight.


Keep in mind that a queen beehive is ruled by her queen, and the same is true in Bumble. Women are more likely to initiate contact, especially if they’ve found a compatible partner. This implies that, unlike Tinder, you won’t be able to message your matches randomly. After you’ve been paired with someone, the girl can choose whether or not to chat with you first.

One of the best features of Bumble is the ability to verify your account. This increases interest in others who share your preferences because they will realize you are not a bot. You could also include questions in your profile so that others can learn more about you.


Are you looking for singles in your area? Or a date in your town? Then you should check out Down, one of the greatest free hookup apps currently available. You can use the Down app to find folks who are searching for “action” tonight.

Down is different from other matchmaking and hookup platforms because it provides you with a list of ten singles in your neighborhood. When you select the “Get Down” option, you will be able to interact with your match quickly. Select “Get Date” for that person if you are seeking a more long-term relationship.


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