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Dating via Facebook App Free for Singles – How do I get the Facebook Dating App – Dating Facebook App – How the Facebook Free Dating Looks Like 2020

“Free Singles Dating on Facebook App” is now popularly searched for in Europe and the world at large. Oh, the trending app now is Facebook dating, so I wouldn’t be shocked if you were so interested in checking the platform out.

If you are really interested in dating, there is more to the function than just dating, such as Dating inside Facebook App Free for Singles, that you will be searching for Download.

The Facebook dating app is not just another feature, but it comes with some great features that would really capture your interest. A lot of effort and money has been devoted to bring you and all other Facebook users this feature, so prepare to get your mind blown.

Before we get to Dating within Facebook App Download Free for Singles, first if you have questions about Facebook dating, then I would be providing the answers you need. First What is Facebook Dating? it is simple, it is like every other dating platforms out there, only this dating app is inside a social media platform.

Actually, Facebook dating is the first of its kind, and it comes with some great features that you would not find on other available dating platforms out there. Now that you have gotten a brief idea of what the dating app is, let’s proceed to download it.

Dating within Facebook App Download Free for Singles

Since you already know that there is no downloading Facebook dating since there is no separate app for it, download the Facebook app instead. Once you download the Facebook app, you would be able to access it inside the app you downloaded. Preferably, download the app from your Play Store or Apple Store to get the more current version of Facebook. Since the Facebook app is free, expect no charges from the dating app either.

If you have downloaded the dating app, and have issues locating where the dating app is on your account, then follow these steps to access your it:

  • First login your Facebook account on the app
  • Then click the striped icon (menu icon) at the top right of your Facebook account
  • On the first page, you should find a heart-shaped icon named Dating, tap it and you are in
  • If you did not find it there, scroll down and tap the see more icon.
  • On the see more section you would find the dating icon.

One thing about Facebook dating is that all activities inside the dating platform are only visible to others making use of the dating app. So, you do not have to worry about your friends finding out that you are using Facebook dating.

Dating within Facebook App Problem

As great as the dating feature may be, it still has it problems. the thing is, not every Facebook account has the dating app, Why? There are three reasons why it is not on the app, and I would be giving you three reasons. They include:

Under 18 Facebook account

If you are making use of a Facebook account that is not up to 18, Facebook dating would not be available to you. This means you must be 18 before you can make use of Facebook dating.

Facebook Web

So far, the dating app is only available on the Facebook app. If you are trying to make use of it on the web, you would not find the app.


Facebook dating is only available in 20 countries for now. Meaning if you must be making use of Facebook dating you must be in one of the countries that have dating features or have an account from one of the countries.

These are the three problems you stand to overcome before you can make use of Facebook dating. Facebook is looking forward to extending its Availability, so expect it in your country anytime soon.


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